We create extraordinary spaces around everyday life.

PAX architects, cultivate idiosyncratic irreplaceable architecture, which empathetically cultivate the poetry of architecture and narrative. By orchestrating a dialogue between context and architecture, we induce and strengthen the existing to create new inherent relevance. An architectural approach that has the ability to transcend its roots with a universal language as a result of a deep search for the essentials, our works are characterized by a profound sense of place, identity and intuit. At the core of our practice lies a deep-rooted commitment to both humanity and nature, compelling us to design sustainable and lasting solutions.

Pax means peace, but in a commercial sense Pax is a short expression for an individual, a person, a human being - we design spaces that are centered around the lives of people. We hold the conviction that every project harbors hidden potentials capable of enhancing value for both clients and users alike

Sustainability is securing our future…

In every project, our aspiration is to craft visionary, site-specific, and sensorial architecture that positively impacts people's lives and the broader community. Rooted in the Nordic architectural tradition, we prioritize humanism, simplification, and craftsmanship. Our commitment to sustainable architecture involves forward-thinking and responsible use of available technology and knowledge during creation.

Through our emphasis on quality architecture, we actively contribute to a sustainable built environment. Our approach ensures that projects have enduring lifespans, minimizes material wastage, and constructs buildings robust enough for repurposing. Sustainability is seamlessly integrated into all our projects, aiming to create buildings that are both environmentally conscious and promote the mental well-being of their occupants.

Our focus extends to constructing buildings with healthy, natural, and CO2-retaining materials. We recognize that sometimes the most sustainable solution involves preserving or transforming existing structures rather than adding new ones. Our philosophy revolves around building less, but with greater creativity. Emphasizing recycling and upcycling, we consistently strive to develop timeless, durable solutions that people wish to safeguard and appreciate for many years—a testament to our commitment to robust designs with a high level of creativity.

We believe that carefully designed spaces can enhance the quality of life through the general perception of scale, light and materials.

What we believe in…

We are firm in our belief that architecture possesses the transformative ability to impact people's lives. Our conviction lies in the notion that thoughtfully designed spaces can elevate the quality of life by influencing the perception of scale, light, and materials. This is the driving force behind our pursuit of crafting exceptional spaces – with the aim of making everyday life extraordinary.

Understanding the context and meeting our clients' needs are paramount in every design process, according to our philosophy. We collaborate closely with our clients to ensure a comprehensive grasp of their social, economic, and sustainability objectives. Adding value to our clients' projects involves uncovering hidden potentials and thoughtfully developing meaningful ideas within the confines of constraints and possibilities.

What we do…

PAX Architects deals with the development and realization of architecture within construction, urban and landscape planning as well as product design. Our expertise encompasses both new constructions and renovations. In every project, our goal is to craft visionary, site-specific, and immersive architecture that enhances the quality of people's lives and enriches the broader community. Rooted in the Nordic architectural tradition, our approach centers on humanism, simplification, and craftsmanship. Our overarching ambition is to consistently fashion extraordinary spaces that elevate the ordinary aspects of everyday life.

How we work...

Our grasp of context extends beyond simple observation, embracing an inquisitive, open, and deeply subjective interpretation of all available facts, figures, and emotions. Our commitment to unwavering integrity and a determined pursuit of excellence underscores our approach.

Success in crafting extraordinary architecture hinges on the alignment of our clients and partners with the highest architectural aspirations. It materializes only when we collectively embrace the courage and patience needed for exploration and experimentation. This deliberate selection process extends to our projects and clients, as we believe that the extraordinary demands both careful consideration and a bold spirit.

We consistently view architecture as an atmosphere. It involves attuning ourselves to a location, discerning the tone, and capturing the energy that permeates every element. This marks the beginning of our approach.

Who we are...

The essence for founders Mads Rudi Lassen, Thomas Bossel, and Mathias Brockdorff springs from the exploration of potential, emerging through a dynamic dialogue between space and architecture. The pursuit of narrative arises from a creative exchange and a spirit of playful curiosity.

This brand of architecture, rooted in collective creativity, draws inspiration from relational values found in everyday life and processes, transcending the confines of the discipline itself. With a holistic perspective that encompasses more than just architecture, we design based on an artistic foundation. At its zenith, our approach transforms architecture into an art form, connecting with people through playfulness and engaging mediation.

Driven by a steadfast belief in the possibilities of modern architecture and an experimental curiosity that demands exceptional craftsmanship, our team navigates a balance between reality and the courage to push the boundaries of form and materiality.

Established in 2020, our young studio has experienced rapid growth, operating across diverse geographical locations and scales. Rooted in our Scandinavian heritage, we naturally consider human-scale aspects in our solutions. Our architecture is crafted with a profound sense of place and a distinctive understanding of materiality.

Approaching complex architectural challenges with unwavering curiosity and an enduring passion for originality, we dive headfirst into every endeavour.

We are PAX architects...

We create purposeful spaces that cater to the requirements of people's lives.