We create extraordinary spaces around everyday life.

PAX architects, cultivate idiosyncratic irreplaceable architecture, which empathetically and humorously cultivate the poetry of architecture and narrative. By curating a dialogue between context and architecture, we induce and strengthen the existing to create new inherent relevance. An architectural approach that has the ability to transcend its roots with a universal language as a result of a deep search for the essentials, our works are defined by a sense of place, identity and intuit. At the heart of our practice is a profound responsibility towards humans and nature to create sustainable and long-lasting solutions.

Pax means peace, but in a commercial sense Pax is a short expression for an individual, a person, a human being - we design spaces that are centered around the lives of people. We believe that all projects contain hidden potentials that can add value to the clients' as well as the users.

Sustainability is securing our future…

In each and every project, our ambition is to create visionary, site-specific and sensuous architecture that contributes positively to people’s lives and the larger community. We are surrounded by the Nordic architectural tradition, where humanism, simplification and craftsmanship are at the center.Sustainable architecture is about working with foresight and responsibility with the technology and knowledge available at the time of creation. Through quality architecture, we contribute to a sustainable built environment, where projects have a long life, materials are not wasted and where buildings are robust enough to be reused for new purposes. Sustainability is always an integral part of our projects.We aim to create sustainable and healthy buildings that combine minimum impact on the environment with maximum care for the mental well-being of those who use them. We have a special focus on creating buildings in healthy, natural, CO2-retaining materials, but sometimes the most sustainable solutions are not to adding new buildings structures. That is why we always investigate the possibility of preserving or transforming rather than tearing down existing buildings.

We have a philosophy towards sustainability that involves building less, but with more creativity. We focus on recycling and upcycling, and always try to create timeless, durable solutions that people want to preserve and cherish for many years - robust concepts with a high level of design.

We believe in building less - but with more creativity.

What we believe in…

We believe that architecture has the power to change people´s lives – we believe that carefully designed spaces can enhance the quality of life through the general perception of scale, light and materials. This is why we strive to create extraordinary spaces - to enhance the possibility of making everyday life extraordinary.
We believe that the right understanding of the context and the clients’ needs are crucial in every design process. Therefore, we work closely with our clients to make sure that we fully embrace their social, economic and sustainability goals. We add value to our clients’ projects by discovering hidden potentials and carefully unfolding meaningful ideas within the boundaries of constraints and possibilities.

What we do…

PAX Architects deals with the development and realization of architecture within construction, urban and landscape planning and product design. We work with both new construction and renovation. In each and every project, our ambition is to create visionary, site-specific and sensuous architecture that contributes positively to people’s lives and the larger community. We are surrounded by the Nordic architectural tradition, where humanism, simplification and craftsmanship are at the center. Always with the ambition of creating extraordinary spaces around everyday life.

How we work...

Our understanding of context goes above and beyond mere observation and towards an inquisitive, open, and highly subjective interpretation of all accessible facts, figures, and feelings. With steadfast integrity and a tenacious approach to quality, the result is ???

Only if clients and partners alike share the highest level of architectural ambition, are we successful in creating extraordinary architecture. Only when we share courage and patience to explore and experiment. That is why we choose our projects carefully. That is why we choose our clients carefully.In the end, the extraordinary requires nerve.

We always think of architecture as atmosphere. It's about listening to a place, finding the tone and the energy that flows though everything. This is where it starts.

Who we are...

For its founders, Mads Rudi Lassen, Thomas Bossel and Mathias Brockdorff, the essence emerges from the search for potential, from a dialogue between place and architecture. The search for narrative is born of creative dialogue and playful curiosity.

This architecture, born of shared creativity, refers to relational values extracted from everyday life and processes in all senses and extends from this logic outside the discipline itself, with a holistic vision that encompasses something greater than architecture itself. We design architecture based on an artistic starting point. At its best, this leads to architecture as art - interacting with people through playfulness and engaging mediation

Driven by a devout belief in the possibilities of modern architecture and an experimental curiosity that insists on outstanding craftsmanship, our team combines a firm grasp on reality with the courage to push the boundaries of form and materiality.

Founded in 2020, our young studio has grown rapidly, working across geography and scale. Our Scandinavian heritage makes us naturally consider all human-scale aspects of our approach to solutions. We create architecture with a sense of place, and a unique sense of materiality.

We always dive headfirst into complex architectural tasks armed with unconditional curiosity and undying love for finding an original take.

We are PAX architects...

We design meaningful spaces that meets the special needs of people´s lives.