Molshuset 60D

Molshuset 60D

Located on a beautiful hill sloping towards southwest while bringing nature all the way into the cottage. We believe that outdoor spaces are just as important as indoor spaces.


Molshuset 60D





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Partner in charge:

Thomas Bossel

The cottage is beautifully situated on a south-west slope and hides among beautiful trees and fragrant bushes. A black wooden sculpture shoots up from the undulating terrain and lies privately with nature's many colors that change all year round - here you live outside as much as inside.

In our drawings, we always try to discover and challenge the potentials of our projects - dreams that will one day come true.


The house forms the framework for another life - a favourite refuge where peace and tranquillity find their way. Its exterior consists of black-painted boards, which together with trellises and space-creating elements create intimate embracing outdoor spaces. Its interior consists of natural, warm materials, which form a framework for getting together and pleasant moments for the whole family.

The small shoots and random compositions that are characteristic of fishermen's houses, boathouses and agricultural properties are the inspiration for this summer house. Here, small different houses - but with the same DNA - form a small village with intimate outdoor and indoor spaces.

The outdoor spaces are just as important as the indoor spaces.

Light and shadows – the poetry of architecture.

Light plays an important role in the way we experience architecture. Here, we have worked to bring nature all the way into the building, so that branches and leaves creates playful shadows upon the architecture. Contrasts that create depth and life, both outside and inside.

Wall as space

The furniture is an integral part of the house - the walls become rooms. The bookshelf, the cupboard, the alcove, the sofa, and the firewood stack are all incorporated into the architecture.

All buildings deserve a worthy entrance.

The houses' external appearance consists of black-painted boards with different profiles and details, which both create variety and wholeness. Between the buildings there are terraces and trellises at different levels that follow the plot's typography. Around the terraces, stonework creates intimacy and at the same time shields the wild growing vegetation.sts of natural, warm materials, which form a framework for getting together and pleasant moments for the whole family.

A home isn´t just a space or a place – It´s a feeling.