Smedens Have

Smedens Have

A building plan that connects the green wedges and mediates from the low suburban dwellings to the high buildings of the central district.


Smedens Have


AAB (Arbejdernes Andels Boligforening)


1st prize, Ongoing

Time span





3.400 m2


Residential, Mixed Use, Transformation



Partner in charge:

Mads Rudi Lassen

PAX Team:

Thomas Bossel

Mathias Brockdorff

Andrea Margadji

Mathias Kruse Jacobsen





Vision Sketch

Pitched roofs and chimneys like on the old historic barn buildings shape the future village.

We don’t want to build old-fashioned! - but we find it natural to bring in the qualities of the past in a modern contemporary building.

Historical Qualities

From the historical photos from the map archives, you can see farms and smaller houses that form an incipient urbanity in the open landscape - gently protected by the green planting.

Between the main houses and the smaller extensions are small passages which lead into the cozy courtyards.

Especially the gable motifs and the classic gabled roofs are predominant. The performative landscape forms intimate spatialities and defines invisible divisions. Here there are cultivation areas and orchards and trees and bushes, which provide privacy and shelter.

- at the same time, you sense a great degree of openness and accessibility between the individual buildings

The buildings are laid out as “dancing” volumes that pick up on the existing directions in the city. They form small internal courtyards and a shared square for residents and people from the town.

Views and intimacy

There are fantastic views from all homes in Smedens Have. From the cozy roof terraces, in the high part of the building, you have a view over the rainwater basin and the shared square, which borders the communal house - at the same time you can be private in your own home while enjoying the sunset. All the homes in the lower part of the building are well-lit, with terraces on both sides of the home, so you can always find either sun or shade. The planting and trees screen together with sheds and half-walls, so that you can always find your own “private space” in the overall area.

A masterplan developed on common areas

The buildings are oriented so that they form both private courtyards and public urban spaces. At the same time, all apartments have good daylight conditions and a view of the unifying recreational green and blue area in the plan.

Human scale

The 2.5-storey homes and the communal house, form the framework around the town square, and to ensure privacy in the individual homes, the buildings are surrounded by curved space-creating green bushes and beech hedges. The buildings are scaled down, both vertically and horizontally, so that in size they are experienced as an extension of the small townhouses further up the street. You are therefore met by a nice human scale when you are on the common square. The old pear tree is framed by the “city bench”, which is a natural meeting place for the whole city.

All the buildings relate to the common green area, where the rainwater is lead to a centrally located lake - a recreational focal point.