Drawing of the year 2021

Drawing of the year 2021

Partner Thomas Bossel was part of this year’s international student competition – supported by SHL Architects and VOLA – this year celebrated the collage. Norwegian student Trine Mellemstrand Jarstø has won it with an artistic work that combines digital and classic modes of drawing. 


Drawing of the year 2021



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Technical Temporality is the title of the winning collage which earns Trine Mellemstrand Jarstø the first prize in Drawing Of The Year 2021 along with €5,000. The jury draws a parallel to Asger Jorn’s famous painting, The Disturbing Duckling (1959) and highlights the clash between classic and digital in the collage.

“Trine Mellemstrand Jarstø´s collage elegantly disturbs our perception of a classical collage. By combining such different medias as aquarelle and point-cloud in one and the same drawing she creates a unique atmosphere of past and future, depicting a rural landscape where a bastant yet ephemeral architectural alien is about to explode – or implode? The striking use of colors, light and shadow emphasizes the strong composition of a remarkable collage – about to break on fire”, the jury writes.

Second prize goes to Stefan Pielmeier (GE), Technische Universität München and Aarhus School of Architecture, for Digital Flood, an all-out digital collage highlighting our consumption of social media and its impact on us as humans. The jury’s comment likens the collage to the decor for an online cathedral:

“In a momentary metaphor of how we live today, this highly controversial collage consisting exclusively of information from SoMe, I-phone messages and VR from the Dance Floor, caught the Jury´s attention. What is the role of the architect in an augmented reality? And who says the ´real world´ is more real than the virtual one? How do we create architecture for new digital realities, and how does the access to many temporalities affect our perception of the built environment? In addition to raising a number of questions the collage resembles a well composed digital triptych for an online cathedral where God is replaced with consumption.”

In “Making Questions’, the winner of third prize, Anna Guseva (RU), points to the centrality of the question in human culture (“Who are we?”). The jury notices “the strong evocative blend of art and architecture, in a cliché filled atmosphere that gives memories of Edward Hopper and American realism from the fifties, even if it is made in Russia – today. In a strong composition of foreground, middleground and background, the collage creates a certain drama out of a common, everyday scenery, offering narrative interpretations rather than architectural solutions.”

A special “THANK YOU” to Karen Kjærgaard for making this wonderful competition a reality - such a great work. Once again PAX architects are proud to be part of the jury with our talented colleagues.

The jury:
Trine Berthold
Clement Luk Laurencio
Kristine Leth Juul
Kasper Heiberg Frandsen
Thomas Bossel

The winners:
1st Prize/ Trine Mellemstrand Jarstø (NO)
2nd Prize/ Stefan Pielmeier (GE)
3rd Prize/ Anna Guseva (RU