The braveness of our clients and the paradoxes of a challenging site near the ocean led to an unusual design.






Under construction

Time span



Mols Bjerge


116 m2





Partner in charge:

Thomas Bossel

PAX Team:

Mads Rudi Lassen

Mathias Brockdorff

Livsværk, Architectural technologist


Meaning: "steeply sloping or vertical part of the landscape, especially down to a stream, a lake or the like."

Rather than spending unnecessary means on expensive materials, we believe in using inexpensive materials in the right way.

A special summer house

The beautiful landscape at Mols Bjerge forms the setting for this special summer house. At the foot of the green slope is a small lake and from the top of the slope you can see all the way to Ebeltoft. The summerhouse situates itself at the middle of the green slope, creating unique spaces on its outside and inside.

The summerhouse is carefully designed to meet our clients need for privacy while preserving extraordinary views of the landscape. Unique views are framed naturally framed by the architecture, whilst the vertical slats ensure privacy while filtering daylight into the building. 

The braveness of our clients and the paradoxes of challenging sites are often what leads to an unexpected design.

Warm atmosphere

The inside of the summerhouse uses a warm and embracing palette of materials, while its black exterior floats like at ship on a lush green wave. The contrast and tactility of materials establishes an immediate connection with the human scale and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for its users.

The true poetry arises in the tension between architecture and landscape. On one side of the house, the landscape is pulled in completely into the building - like a green wave - and on the other side, the light filters through the vertical slats. In between these two elements, the roof "lies" and creates a unique shelter in the landscape. 

Nature, light and shadows are the true poetic elements of architecture.

The "broken" facade creates outdoor spaces of different sizes and character. Towards the east, the cobble paved "womb" cuts into the hilly landscape and creates a series of smaller intimate outdoor spaces along the house. Towards the south is a covered terrace, which is oriented so that it has sun all day - a wonderful intimate place to take a break from the beating sun or when a quiet summer rain passes. Towards the north is a carefully designed terrace, that allows for experiencing great views while preserving privacy from neighbours.