Villa Bredballe

Villa Bredballe

Located on a beautiful green hill with great views over Vejle Fjord.


Villa Bredballe





Time span










Partner in charge:

Thomas Bossel

PAX Team:

Mads Rudi Lassen

Mathias Brockdorff

Livsværk, Constructing architect

Erasmus og Partnere, engineer

The family wanted a modern house with a homely feeling - we call it soft minimalism.

Extraordinary views

The house consists of two floors, both overlooking Vejle Fjord. The lower floor is built into the sloping hill and offers intimacy while still providing extraordinary views over the Fjord. It contains bedrooms and a living area for the two children. The upper floor contains the main living area and a bedroom for the parents. It is light and extroverted and offers great views in all directions. Warm wooden functional "curved boxes" carries the horizontal slabs that extends on all sides providing shelter and intimacy for the outdoor areas.  

The dining room plays a central role in the upper level of the villa. From here there are views in all directions: towards Bredballe, the fjord, the sky, and towards the old green garden. The exterior and the interior plays on the contrasts between materials - Hard vs soft. cold vs warm.

Understanding the context and the needs of the clients are crucial in our design process.

Soft minimalism

With its unique location on a sloping hill - with large old trees in the backyard - on site that stretches all the way down to Vejle Fjord, we wanted to create something extraordinary. The family wished for a modern house with a homely feeling. To meet there requirements, we developed what we call "soft minimalism".

A unique site calls for a unique design. We developed what we call soft minimalism.