Olufs Have

Olufs Have

A sustainable development empowering social values and reconnecting with nature


Olufs Have




On-going / Local planning

Time span





6950 m2


Housing / Local Planning



Partner in charge:

Mads Rudi Lassen

PAX Team:

Thomas Bossel

Mathias Brockdorff

Ulla Laksø, Erhvervsmægler

Niras, Engineer

Olufs Have has a focus on shared common outdoor spaces rather than private gardens - a place that is diverse in its architecture as well as in its composition of residents.

A diverse community

Olufs Have represents a diverse sustainable community with focus on shared facilities rather than private gardens. Its Architecture is as expressive as its composition of residents, and the layout of the plan ensures a diverse housing community with double houses, row houses, student appartments, collectives and Tiny houses - all of which have a close connection with nature. 

Common facilities such as a local community house, common green houses, shelters, nature playgrounds, and outdoor recreational spaces fosters our visions of sharing rather than owning an individual plot.

Tiny houses

With the demand for smaller living units, we proposed an area in Olufs Have that is purely dedicated for the development of Tiny Houses. The Tiny Houses range in sizes from 40-60m2, offering the same functions as provided in a regular house - only smaller.

Olufs Have empowers social values by creating a people centered framework for families and communities . A place where people become part of a shared local community - reconnecting with nature.

The individual buildings has compact footprints which ensures large outdoor common areas as well as spaces for shared facilities.