A modern manor house.






Under Construction

Time span





1.300 m2





Partner in charge:

Mathias Brockdorff

PAX Team:

Andrea Margadji

Mathias Kruse Jacobsen

The central helical staircase creates a vertical connecting link as well as informal heart in the house - that binds together physically and visually with a view from the basement to the 1st floor.

The outer walls are re-established with stucco and panels such as creates reminiscence to the classic and place-bound architecture. Central core with a modernist expression creates a curated balance with a classic interpretation and contrast in terms of its detailing, tactility and materiality.

The whitewashed outer shell surrounds a warm interior. Through this, a characterful and full of contrast is achieved expression between this light and refined versus a robust one interior with weight and presence, in the form of the four central ones kernels.

A captivating focal point.

The idea of ​​the free-standing staircase rising from the basement to the first floor, is to create a captivating focal point. Sunlight filtering from the first floor to the basement creates a Captivating and true experience. In addition, it is the idea that the stairs act as a transition between the darkness of the basement against the brighter ground floor that provides both a physical and visual transition.

The central staircase appears as a piece of jewelry and an informal meeting point in everyday life.

The ground floor is characterized by fourcentral cores that separate the common areasby function, but stillallows some coherence. These coresincorporating various functionsdepending on their location; kitchen appliances,storage, a toilet and afireplaces in the living rooms.

Emotional atmosphere which is substantiated by carefully curating lighting.

The main design parameter of the cellar is to highlight the feeling of being underground by creating sturdy arches made in brick. The minimal natural light that filters through the bricks, create an emotional atmosphere which is substantiated by carefully curating lighting.

A carefully curated division.

On the ground floor, the focus is on creating a spacious and elegant space atmosphere. The kitchen, dining room and living room merge seamlessly together and promotes an open and welcoming atmosphere. The use of wood and brick does not adjust a touch of timeless charm, but also contributes to the overall feeling of warmth, which makes the room both welcoming and refined. The combination of classic solutions and modern sharp architecture create interesting and timeless meetings.

Surroundings, environment and mood are an integrated part of the design, which forms the framework for countless stay situations, with everything from carefully curated moods to the random and informal meeting/stay. An architecture that accommodates the big party and everyday everyday life.


The architecture is brought to life through robust and tactileChoice of materials. The story of the materials bears witness to thatempathy and plays together with that of the house and the placehistory.